Our History: Our journey began growing up in London where the cannabis culture was having a major influence in how we were living our lives. Both the relaxed way of life and the social circles we found ourselves a part of were certainly going to be a part of us for a really long time. 

Personally I tried many paths to find which one suited and none of them truly fitted the bill. It wasn’t until my late teens when I decided to grow a little personal batch of home grown weed. I went online and got some seeds, bought a basic guide to growing, bought a little light then started out on my little experiment to see where it was going to take me.

They say, and I believe, that you can turn every negative situation into a positive one. I say that because as it turns out, the seeds I purchased were the worst produced seeds I could have ever bought. The plants didn’t do anything and I ended up throwing them all away, so the first attempt was a major bummer. The ironic thing is that before I planted the seeds I realised they were so cheap compared to other websites that surely I could make a small profit selling them online! Obviously those crappy seeds would not be suitable for anyone to buy so they were thrown away, but by that time I had found a potential business opportunity and started doing some more serious research.

With much success I managed to find some really good information about cannabis genetics and the differences between various types of plants. I found out that most serious premium quality seeds are produced by Dutch Seed banks and cheap seeds just aren’t worth entertaining. My research led me to find contacts that could sell me the official retail seeds and within no time I was up running selling and gaining much success online as a trusted vendor. My business had grown and now it was turning into a nice little family business that I really enjoyed.

Our Future: Many years have now passed since our first website begun and now things have massively progressed. We have managed to team up with one of Amsterdam’s finest seed banks, renowned for being one the most successful breeders in the world. We have been working night and day to put together a complete range of premium quality feminized cannabis seeds.

 When choosing the varieties we have on offer our main focus was on popularity, quality and price. Having been in the business for many years we know that these strains are all big sellers and award winners alike. We have also managed to include some really good quality auto-flowering cannabis strains to our collection as we know they are gaining a lot of success. The only reason our prices are so competitive is because we have invested some serious money and secured an exclusive contract with our team in Amsterdam.

All our seeds are now produced in the most precise and professional conditions. Our genetics are stable and all our own brand cannabis seeds are 99.5% female and 99.5% viable. We pack them into hinge lipped plastic containers and store them at optimal temperatures to preserve quality. We found that companies such as Dutch Passion and Nirvana were using paper packaging with no seed protection. The problem with this is that in transit they can easily get damaged and we didn’t want that to be an issue with our seeds.

At Just Feminized we pride ourselves on attention to detail. We date every Seed that comes into our shop and store them professionally in a commercial fridge. All items that are older than 18 months get sold in our clearance sale 50% OFF RRP.

We offer Discrete packaging options!

Free Feminised Seed for every £25 spent

Worldwide delivery from £2.00

At least 10-20% Discount Prices as Standard

Please know that we are in this business for the long term and already have over 10 years trading history.